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From: David Stories
Subject: The College Internship [Part 2]===============================================================
Disclaimer:This story depicts the sexual acts of two consenting adult men. Do not
read this work of fiction if it is illegal where you are. Do not read this
if you are underage, which in most states is those who are under 18 years
of age, or do not find the subject matter to you liking. This story is
mostly fictional any representation to people past present or future iscoincidental, the parts that are not completely fictional the names, dates
and events have been alter enough to protect the innocent. The characters
in this story use safe sex at all times, you should always practice safe
sex no exceptions. It is the belief of the writer that if there is no way
to have safe sex then you should not have sex, safe sex or no sex. All
rights are reserved by the author. All other normal disclaimers apply.
Please enjoy.===============================================================David - 21 year old guy that is 6′1″ blonde hair blue eyes
Chase - 23 year old guy that is 6′6″ brown hair green eyes
Justin - 19 year old guy that is 5′10 brown hair blue eyesAnother semester of work comes again, I was back in the QA department but
this time with a new task and Nick is not here. But my interest is now are
between two guys. One Justin who is a new intern and Chase a new full
timer who just graduated from college, we were in ethics together and I
would stare at him in class. There was something about Chase that I found
very attractive; I think it was the fact that he was taller than me. He
has a normal naturally toned body, not overly built but not fat or thin,
just nicely toned. Justin had a youthful frat boy look, which goes well
considering the fact that he was young and in a frat. He wasn’t overly
built either but was rather hot, with his natural hot body.I was up to my normal banter and tricks with Toplist Preteen Justin. I would come by his
cubicle and chat with him and fake punch him and what not. I didn’t do it
with Chase, there was something about him that I found intimidating yet
attractive at the same time thus I keep my distance and watched him from
afar. I was hanging out at Justin’s cube and enjoying the view as we talked
about this and that. He was telling me about the party that he went to
last night and him being so wasted and didn’t want to be at work today and
how he passed out and came in to work late and will have to work late that
night to make up the hours. I never been a real partier or much of a
drinker but I enjoyed Toplist Preteen standing there hearing about his drinking. I decided
that since he was going to be working late I would stay late and get ahead
of my hours so I could just spend more time with him today. We just
released the next version of our product so there was no rush to do much
work and so as more people left I became less productive. Soon Justin and
I were the last two in the office. The conversations between us shifted
from the normal chit chat talk to sex talk.”David, you should have seen this girl at the house last night, she was so
fine. She was so on me and all the other brothers. She practically
dragged me into my room and pulled off my clothes. She was practically
begging for a ride on my rod. You should have come, there were so many
fine chicks there. You should come tonight; when I get done here I have a
date with another fine babe.”Justin has invited me to a couple of his frat parties, now and then. But I
always declined, it never seemed interesting to me, I don’t need some girl
trying to get in my pants. So I always make up excuses, and for this
semester I found the best excuse was a made up girlfriend. Me and mot
people at work don’t run in the same circle of friends outside work,
typically so I have been using a fake girl to get out of some of the
situations that I don’t want to be in. Like when one of the attractive
female interns made a pass at me, I declined with reference to the fact I
am seeing someone and she might not like us going out. I don’t know how
Justin could party every night but I have found straight guys like him so
attractive. It didn’t seem so bad since it was a Friday night, but he
looked still hung over from the party before. I know that I could smell
alcohol on his breath all day today.”No thanks, I have my girl and she wants to go out and see some
chick-flick.”"You are so whipped man; I don’t see why you need a steady girl. You
should be like me and just get one when you need to get some relief. You
don’t have to buy her stuff and still get the goods and don’t have to worry
about that love shit, just fuck them and move on.”That was somewhat annoying to me, because I was a romantic at heart even
thought I put on this tough nonchalant person.”Yeah but at least I know when and where I am going to get it, you put it
up to the luck of the dice. I bet some nights your sorry ass strikes out,
and the best thing you can get is your right hand”Then I gave him a slight Toplist Preteen jab to the arm lighten the mood, and hopefully
work on changing the topic because I can only keep this up so long. Some
might wonder why I just don’t tell him I am gay and stop this shit with the
stories and what not, I don’t know exactly but this guy really doesn’t seem
to be the understanding type. And I have found its best for me not to be
out at work, I am only an intern and don’t need ruffle the feathers of
anyone there. But thankfully the time has come for him to leave and I
decided I should be getting out of there too, I didn’t have anywhere to be
in particular, since I was single and wasn’t a partier. Justin left a few
minutes before me as I had to go back to my cube and shut down my stuff.
When I got downstairs I was surprised to see Justin Toplist Preteen leaning against the
side of my jeep especially since his car was parked on the other side of
the lot. I yell over to him.”What the deal, you to lazy to walk over to your car need me to drive you
there”"No but while you mention it, I do need your help, seems that I have a dead
battery apparently I wasn’t all the way awake when I got here this morning
and left my lights on all day.”"That will do it for sure; you really know how to make your life more
difficult. How are you going to get laid by some random sorority girl at
you house if you can’t even get back to campus. “”Ha-ha, very funny now come on and help me”Try as we might, we were not able to get his car to start that night.”So I guess I will need Toplist Preteen
a ride, be a bud and take me back to the frat.”We climbed into my Jeep and headed down to the campus and the frat. I
first called a friend who I told that I couldn’t meet for the movies as to
confirm the story that I told earlier about seeing my `girlfriend’ for the
movies. Then I turned the radio up high so I really didn’t have to talk to
him, I didn’t have much to say at that moment and didn’t want to say
anything that could unravel my secret. I was to in thought about how I was
going to get out of this, I knew as soon as we got there, Toplist Preteen I would be asked
to come in for a drink and what not, and I wanted to keep my fake image in
tack but didn’t really want to be at the party. Without a solution in
hand, the time came and I was of course at the party and with a beer in
hand. There were a variety of people at this, from the frat people to the
sorority girls, to random college students to even some former college
students like Chase who apparently knows a lot of people in Justin’s frat.
I was on the edge of the main crowd drinking beer to be socially accepted
as I hung out with the crowd. Now there are two things wrong with this,
first I am not really into alcohol so I am not enjoying it that much; I
mean a few drinks in a Toplist Preteen
month would be above normal for me. Second since I
don’t drink, I don’t really handle alcohol very well and became a little
drunk a little quick. There are many different kinds of drunks, and for me
it seems that I get `friendly’ and unable to maintain the boundaries and
attitude that use everyday to deal with straight guys like Justin. As the
night wore on, most of the girls left and I was about ready to leave myself
when I saw Justin yet again. He didn’t look so happy; it seems that he
didn’t find his new girl toy. And as I was walking over to say thanks for
the invite, some drunk ass sorority girl hit me from behind and I feel to
my knees ran my head into his crotch. I guess I had a little much and
didn’t realize who this was or where I was but with my face in his crotch I
just sniffed in his smell and sort of rubbed my face against it before I
realized what I was doing. I quickly got to my feet and try to pass it off
that I was drunker than I was and was just falling around everywhere. He
didn’t fall for it and simply said in a rather stern voice.”Follow me”I walked behind him up a flight of stairs, halfway up I made eye contact
with Chase from across the room. There was an odd look in his eye that
seemed out of place at the time. I didn’t recognize it completely but I
dismissed it at the time since I was too concerned with what was about to
happen between me and Justin. We soon arrived at his room where he walked
in and pushed me down onto a chair and locked the door. He undid his jeans
and pulled out his semi-hard cock. I took it with gladness, since I have
been wondering its size and look since I first saw Justin. It was a nice 8
inch cock with a large bulbous head; I gently lick the head and the shaft
down to the large golf ball size balls that hung well in his low hanging
sack. I took one ball in my mouth and gave it a thorough cleaning and
sucking and switched to the other. I moved back to the head and began to
accept its glistening goodness in my mouth. I was enjoying this and he was
giving short little grunts which I could only surmise that meant he was
enjoying it too. I was moving slowly down his cock licking and sucking and
soon I had the whole thing down to his pubes and was moving back. I keep
things a slow but enjoyable pace and I thought things were going good till
it Toplist Preteen seems like he was getting inpatient and placed his hand on the back of
my head and pulled me onto his cock. I took it as a hint and started to
speed up but that was good enough as he rammed his cock into my throat. I
gagged at the unexpected jab, and pulled off, and then he said something
for a first time all night and it went through me like a knife.”You are not done yet fag, your cock sucking mouth is mine till I am spent.
I should have known that you were a fucking queer. You are mine and I am
going to use you like the little cunt you are, now get ready for a real
man.”With that he grabbed the back of my head, placed his cock on my lips and
rammed it into me. I was choking and he just held me on his cock. I don’t
know about you or Toplist Preteen
how you would react to this situation but I couldn’t
stand it. I am nobody cum toilet. I have better respect for myself and my
life. I may suck cock of a straight guy but I don’t need to be verbally or
mentally abused at it. I guess anger came over me quicker than normal due
to the intoxication but I simply knocked him off his feet and quickly
punched him a few times in the gut hard. I guess I had caught him off
guard because soon he was grabbing his stomach in pain. I leaned down to
his ear and said.”I wonder who the real bitch is now, the guy Toplist Preteen
who sucks the cock or the guy
who got beat up by the guy that sucks the cock.”I gave him a quick peck on the lips to further humiliate his ego and made
my way down the stairs. I guess the last of the alcohol I had was Toplist Preteen starting
to catch up on me as I was having a hard time making it to my Jeep. I
wasn’t Toplist Preteen planning on driving at this level of intoxication but get to my Jeep
and at least move it to a different lot because I knew while I had knocked
Justin down, his jerk ego would soon take over and I would have to deal
with him again, and being drunk would help. I am not that bad of shape and
might have been able to take him on with fair chance of victory on a normal
day but since I was out of my element being drunk and all I was doomed to a
quick loss, and even as drunk as I was I knew I should just get out of
there. Soon I was out of sight from the frat house on one of the small
walking trails that connect the different parts of the campus, in
particular the one that would take me to my car, when I heard the distinct
voice of Justin from behind.”Come back here you sissy fag, I am going to make you pay for what you
did.”I turned back to see him, but something else was more overwhelming than
this guy. Behind him was Chase, bounding with rather lighting speed. I
rather feared for my life at that moment, with one guy I was bound to end
up hurt but I might be able to defend myself so that I could get out of
there but two, I might as well be writing a will. Then something
unexpected happened. Chase caught up Justin and practically tackled him
like a football player. He rolled him over sat on his chest and punched
him across the face. This surprised Justin, who tried to reciprocate but
Chase had him pinned. Chase said plain and simple to Justin.”Here is what going to happen, I am going to get off of you, and you are
going to apologize to David. You are going to go back Toplist Preteen inside. Monday
morning you are going to go into work and put in your Toplist Preteen two weeks notice due
to family emergency. You are going to serve out those two weeks without
word to anyone about what happened. You are going to leave David alone
from now on, you seem him on the sidewalk you cross the street. This is
what is going to happen, or your life is going to be a living hell. I know
the people in your frat and at work better than you will ever know. Some
would take a bullet for me, and I can ruin your life and even end it if I
was so inclined. Got that”Justin simple nodded, Chase got off and stood protectively between us.
Justin simply said “Sorry” and walked back to the frat with his hand on his
eye. He was bound to be showing a black eye in the morning.Chase turned toward me and walked toward me, he was about a foot away when
everything turned black. I passed out, like a light. I awoke in a bed in
an apartment that was not my own with a killer headache. I was not
completely sure of the events of the previous night, but none of my
memories shed any light on where I was or how I got here. I heard the
shower running so I guess whomever place I was in, was taking a shower and
I smelled something good from the kitchen. I decided first to get my
bearings thus I got up from bed and went to the window, looked out over the
apartment complex. I noticed my jeep out by the pool, which was weird
because I know I wasn’t in any condition to drive last night. Then I
looked at myself and saw I was wearing only boxers but furthermore they
were someone else boxer, and my clothes were no where to be seen. So
instead of questioning it I just followed my nose to the dinning room where
there was French toast, eggs, bacon and a glass of orange juice with a note
simply saying `David, Enjoy’. I sat down and ate, I really feel like
eating but I really should since I hadn’t had anything since yesterday
morning. I was mid sip when my gracious host surprised me. He came out of
the shower with the towel in his hand drying his face and hair, giving a
great view of his naked body and nice 5 inch soft cock. I sort of choked
of the surprise on the great view before me and even more surprised when he
brought the towel down and I recognized him as Toplist Preteen
Chase, which should have
been obvious due to his height. He wrapped the towel around his waist and
walked over to me where he surprised me yet again by giving me a hug. I
have been looking at him from afar for about a year, but we haven’t had
more than half an hour of conversation between us, so this sign of emotion
was a little out of place. I hugged him back and attempted to kiss him,
but he pulled back. From the situation, I thought there was something that
happened between us but apparently I was wrong.”I’m sorry, I thought you were into me, I mean after last night, here I
awake in a stranger room in different clothes than I put on, and you come
up and hug me”"David, look nothing happened last night. I slept on the couch, and as for
your clothes, you vomited on them so they are being washed. And as for the
hug, I was worried about you last night so I was glad that you were okay.”I looked around the room and there was a pillow and blanket on the couch
that I overlooked before. I felt like an idiot and Toplist Preteen leaned my head down in
embarrassment. I thought about what I remember last night, and I remember
the look in his eyes as I went upstairs with Justin. I remember getting in
a situation with Justin, and I remember Chase coming to my help. Only now
did I recognize the look, it was a look of concern and disappointment.”I’m sorry about that; I just thought by the way you looked at me helped
out me last night that you were into me. I don’t mean to offend you by
saying you are gay, but I guess I am just projecting my feelings. I am
sorry, really sorry, if you give me my clothes, I will be on my way. Sorry
for all of this, so sorry.”Woah. Calm down. I never said I wasn’t into you; I actually find you
rather attractive and have for some time. I noticed the way you kept
looking at me, I just was giving you time so you could make the Toplist Preteen first move
when ready.”This was a like a green light to me and I once again tried to kiss him and
once again I was reject. This confused me because he said that he found me
attractive but doesn’t want to kiss me.”David, chill. I know you are confused, I said that I find you attractive
but don’t kiss you, it’s because I take things slow and want real
relationships not ones based in lust.”This was different for me, of the people I have been and the only real
relationship I have had, with Nick, they were mostly sex based. At the
time I didn’t really understand Toplist Preteen his logic. But I decided to go with the
flow.”So what do we do?”"Its simple, just relax and just let things happen naturally. First of
all, do you want to go catch a movie and dinner?”This was odd for me because most of the guys I was with, didn’t really want
to be seen with another guy in public. Nick, for example, wanted to date
and be a relationship but only a secret relationship. This was new
territory for me.”Okay, sure. In the meantime can you tell me about what happened last
night, some parts are still a blur.”"Yeah, I saw you arrive with Justin at the party. You didn’t seem to be
enjoying yourself; you kept looking over at me but never came over to say
anything. Then I saw you go upstairs with Justin. I was concern for you
because I have heard some stories from some guys the frat. He was a jerk,
he treated women like objects and was a total homophobe. Moreover I was
concern and sort of disappointed that all you wanted was sex like he
did. Later when you came stumbling downstairs, I thought something was
wrong. Especially when I saw Justin coming soon after you, I followed in
tail. When I heard him yell after you, I quicken the pace and tackled him.
I didn’t want you to get hurt. You are a good guy and you deserve better.
You then passed out on me. I didn’t drive to the party so I put you in the
passenger seat and drove your car back to my place. I was car you up the
stairs when you started to jerk. I put you down and you threw up on
yourself. I picked you up again and brought you to the bathroom. I pulled
off your clothes and put them in the wash. Toplist Preteen I turned the shower on and
washed off the vomit, and then dried you off and put some clean boxers on
you and placed you into my bed. I grabbed a pillow and blanket and slept
on the couch. I woke up and checked on you, you were still asleep so I
decided I would make breakfast and take a shower. And the rest is
history.”I went over to him and gave him a big hug.”Thank you, you are a Toplist Preteen
really good guy, I am glad you were there for me”As I sat back down, I noticed the time, it was 4 pm. I slept most of the
day away. He suggested that I should take a shower and he would lend me
some clothes and we would go to the movies. This was going to be an
interesting day. I always liked Chase and he seems to like me. I was
hoping this would be the beginning of a good relationship.Too be continued….
–Writers NoteSorry for the delay since the first one, because I didn’t really want to
continue with Nick because I didn’t feel like I developed his character
enough for it to last any longer than it did. But because of that I didn’t
know what else to write about so I just thought about it for a while. This
story I am trying to develop a character that I can keep with for a few
chapters or more. As a note, I typically don’t write much, I am much more
of a coder which uses a different part of the brain. So if there on
continuity problems or other problems tell me. I will try not for them to
happen again next time. Thanks for the feedback from the first story and
please continue to send your feedback.david_gay_storiesyahoo.com
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